About EV Carbon Tracker

This web app allows you to track the carbon emissions of your electric vehicle and choose when is the right time to charge it up, by checking when the emissions are at their lowest


By using the current energy production data from your country, plus the charging sessions on your electric vehicle, we can estimate how much carbon each charging session produces and calculate the emissions per kilometer.

Some countries also have available forecast information about wind and solar production, allowing you to choose if you should charge now or later.


All EV users have read the articles that EV's pollute as much or more than fossil cars, or that all electric vehicles are powered magically by coal. This web app mainly tries to disprove that.

The idea is also to try and create awareness that simply because our electric energy supplier says that the energy we are using is 100% renewable, that only means that renewable energy is being produced to offset the emissions, not that we are currently using said renewable energy. By showing the emissions on your country you can charge when the energy mix is at it's cleanest allowing you to actually save on emissions.


My name is Eduardo, I'm a car enthusiast and a web developer.

Terms of Use and Disclaimer

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The data present on this site is submitted by the energy companies to multiple sources (identified in each country view) and the power usage and mileage is submitted by the users. EV Carbon Tracker is therefore not able to assure 100% correctness of data in every case, nor can it be liable for actions taken based on the data present on this website.

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